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TF SMS Prices

The use off the TF SMS sending application works very easy. After you have signed up you need to buy SMS sending credits. 1 SMS will cost you 1 SMS sending credit. Below you find our pricing and you can order when you are logged in via credit card or via EFT or by email
We do not have low or high prices "like all the mobile networks upto R 0.79 per SMS" we send your SMS instantly and at the price level you bought your credits.

TF SMS offers a special package for 1000 SMS credits at R350.00

Package SMS Volume Total Price
Special 1000 R350.00

TF SMS wholesale prices with a sliding scale, the more you buy the better it gets.

Package SMS Volume Price P/SMS
1 0 - 1000 R0.38
2 1001 - 5000 R0.36
3 5001 - 10 000 R0.32
4 10 001  - 50 000 R0.28
5 50 001 > R0.26

We offer the best deal for online SMS sending.

  • No set-up fees
  • No subscription or monthly fees
  • 1 SMS Credit = 1 SMS Message
  • 5 FREE Test SMS credits to try our system
  • Credits have to be purchased in advance
  • Credits can by ordered online when logged in or via email at
  • Credits are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • All prices are excluding 14% VAT

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